Adhesion, Cohesion, and Attraction


There is a sentence on page 124 of Science and Health, the spiritual understanding of which will loosen many a burden of suffering for mankind, remove many a yoke of fear, and break in sunder many a band of mortal law. It is as follows: “Adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind. They belong to divine Principle.” In Christian Science we learn that these forces are not material, but spiritual and divine. As we listen to this truth it leads us gently away from the old false belief that adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of matter.

The carnal mind has been a liar from the beginning. It has claimed that evil had the power to adhere to man in multitudinous forms, and that man is powerless to separate himself from it. It has even gone farther than this in convincing men that they were attracted to evil and desired to be identified with it. Listening to these lies and believing them, mortal man has become a hopeless slave to the ills of mortality, in many instances seeking no relief from them because he believes there is none. How often do we hear these words: Poor man, he inherited his taste for liquor, so he cannot help it. She will never get over her trouble, for it is hereditary. It is his nature to be violent tempered, for he has no control over himself.

Then there is the subtle suggestion that there is an attraction for man in that which is wrong, a lure that he cannot resist; yet if he yields to this suggestion, he must suffer for an act which he was powerless to resist! Thus, the carnal mind insists upon the lie that evil adheres to man, and that man is attracted to evil.

All this carnal information is “enmity against God,” the Bible declares, for God gave man dominion over the whole earth. How clearly Mrs. Eddy discerned that “adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind.”

Evil has no power to adhere to man, for as a property of Mind, adhesion belongs to good alone. Joy, health, wealth, honor, love, truth, life, spirituality, by the law of God adhere eternally to man, and man to them. Man does not have to struggle to hold on to them or fear to lose them, because they eternally adhere to all God’s creation. This is truly a message of heavenly peace to many a struggling heart. Let him who is battling with the belief that the liquor habit clung to his father, and clings to him in spite of all he can do, awake and know that it has no such power.

Let him who has been told by material medica that a malignant growth has adhered to some part of his body, and that even a knife cannot separate it from him, learn that the law of divine Love eternally separates God’s ideas from all evil, and the sufferer can daily and hourly prove for himself such separation to be true, and that man in God’s image and likeness is never sick or sinful. Let him who is fearing the supposed attraction of evil for a loved one, remember that evil owns nothing, not even attractiveness, for good owns all. Spirit, divine Love, all that is right and good, naturally, constantly attracts man, who is its image and likeness. He is aware of this attraction, responsive to it and glorified by it.

Evil thoughts, such as fear, lust, hate, envy, anger, malice, suspicion, discouragement, selfishness, criticism, possess no power of adhesion. They cannot fasten on man or adhere to him, and their illegitimate boast of such ability is silenced by the knowledge of the truth that good alone is annexed to man’s consciousness.

Nineteen centuries ago, Jesus the Christ proved conclusively the non-adhesiveness of evil. In healing a man instantly of leprosy, another of blindness, and still another of paralysis, in raising Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus from death, he demonstrated man’s eternal oneness with good and his present separation from evil.

It is man’s privilege to realize and prove, through the understanding of God, that evil of any name or nature has no power to adhere to him as an individual, or to a community, a nation or a race. In proportion as this becomes clear a song of rejoicing will arise from the whole earth. For the Spirit of the Lord will set at liberty them that are bound by false beliefs, perpetuating only the bonds of perfectness and peace, the kingdom of God and of His Christ.

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