The Way of Freedom


Many turn to Christian Science for healing after other methods have failed. Some expect to be healed immediately; others accept its ministrations because there is nothing else for them to do; while there are those who, while quite willing to try it, have little or no faith in its teachings.

Every practitioner is confronted with the question, “Why?” uttered by those who, studying diligently and obediently, seem strangely slow in attaining their freedom. Is it not sometimes because they are looking for some external thing to happen, not realizing that it is through the renewing of their own consciousness that the kingdom of all good will be revealed? Everyone must learn to govern the stream of thoughts which seems to run riot continually in his mentality, and through the power of discrimination, to hold fast to the good and reject the bad.

The way of freedom is the way of self-surrender, discarding anything and everything that would darken a genuine perception of the Christ.

A belief in intellectuality is one of the most difficult things to set aside, because it presents itself in the guise of good. However, it is spiritually deadening. Also, the attempt at money-getting, if money be looked upon as power, darkens thought and tends to make it cold and cruel; for love is not there. Frequently people are held back by a belief in human goodness, and will recount their faithful hours of study and prayer, asking, “What more can I do?”

A mistake repeatedly made by students of Christian Science, notably those who turn to it for healing, is that when reading the textbook, they constantly hold the thought of their desire to be healed. It is right to seek release from suffering, and equally right to receive it; but since release is to be found only in the consciousness of good, one must strive to attain a knowledge of God, good, without undue regard to so-called physical conditions and complainings. As one searches earnestly to learn more of God, becoming sufficiently absorbed in God-seeking to forget the body, healing is quietly and naturally established; for as one gains a confident and true sense of God, there is also revealed one’s true selfhood, ever existent in the divine Mind, which needs no healing.

Every physical difficulty indicates something to be overcome in thought; and through honest, persistent effort, ultimate victory is assured. In each and every case there must be a putting off of the old and a putting on of the new, a coming out of the darkness of materiality into the eternal light of spiritual Truth. Mrs. Eddy says, “Emerge gently from matter into Spirit.” (S&H) The all too common tendency to hurry and force things is to be deplored. According to Mrs. Eddy, emergence is a normal process, which begins with our first heartfelt longing to know God and to find our true selves in Him. Nothing can actually hinder progress when our endeavors are based on right motives and desires. The sun is not destroyed or even handicapped by the heavy clouds that sometimes obscure it; for with the passing of the clouds, it is found to be shining forth in all its enduring splendor.

The urgent call to come up higher never ceases; and when we hear and obey its summons, never doubting that the One who calls will unfailingly provide needful strength and wisdom to guide us on our way, we joyously look toward the goal, “forgetting those things which are behind,” turning to the ever waiting, ever loving Father, who stands ready to care for us at all times.

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