Standing Undisturbed


There sometimes comes a time in our lives when it seems impossible to go forward or to remain where we are. In this dilemma, we can turn to God, and realize that His spiritual law is always acting in our behalf. As we pray, stand still, and shut out the clamor of mortal mind, with its anxious suggestions which fret and confuse us, we can hear the voice of God guiding us in the right way. As the tumult of error dies down, and the direction of divine Mind becomes clearer, the problem disappears, and we see it as simply a delusion of mortal mind.

It’s interesting to notice the number of times in the history of the children of Israel that they were told to stand still. When the Israelites saw the Red Sea before them, and the pursuing Egyptians behind them, they were placed in an inescapable dilemma. Moses then commanded them, “Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.” Then the next forward step was made clear to them, and the loving care of God was demonstrated. When Jehoshaphat was surrounded by his enemies, he was told to stand still. David also proclaimed his absolute confidence in divine power to overcome every difficulty, when he wrote, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Through the teachings of Christian Science, we learn that to stand still is not a negative attitude, or an escapist attempt to avoid facts and hide from reality, but a positive attitude toward all the lying suggestions of evil. The word “still” means “not disturbed by agitation or noise.” (Webster) Standing still, then, suggests standing undisturbed. True standing is actively resisting. Mrs. Eddy writes, “Resist the temptation to believe in matter as intelligent, as having sensation or power.” (S&H) Resist the temptation to believe in any other power or reality than Spirit, good, and resist the lying suggestions of fear, confusion, doubt, defeat, uncertainty.

Sickness, death, loss, slavery, poverty are so many temptations to make us believe in something apart from God, yet if we stand still, we will prove the truth of the words, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Intelligent resistance to evil suggestions is the operation of spiritual law in human consciousness.

If we are faced with a problem that seems impossible to solve, we have a sure solution: to stand and resist the suggestions and evil propaganda of mortal mind, and to declare the all-presence, all-knowledge, and all-power of God. This is utilizing spiritual law. We can and must resist to the end of error, till all error has disappeared, and nothing is left but the beauty and peace of holiness.

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