“Faithful Over a Few Things”


Reading the story of David, I was impressed that David was at home, caring for his father’s sheep, when the call came for him to go on to greater usefulness.

No work could have been more humble than shepherd, but there is no record of his ever rebelling, or protesting; he was faithful to his duty. David may have felt it unjust at times, to be compelled to stay with the sheep, when he yearned to be in the thick of battle with his brothers. But, it was the lessons learned during those waiting hours, that enabled David to do the fighting later on.

When I first came into Christian Science, I dreamed wonderful dreams of what I was going to do to help the world. I was ready, then and there, to leave my few sheep, (with never a thought as to what would become of them), and forsake all my home duties. But, divine Love knew better than I, what was good for me. I needed to stay and fight, alone with God, my own proud, ambitious, impatient self.

David had to smite the lion and the bear before he could smite the Philistine. Oh, the usefulness of those waiting hours. They may be spent in the home, the office, the store, or the workshop. Our “sheep” may be the common tasks that we often rebel against.

Someone has summed up Christian life as, “To be always doing things for God, and not to care because they are such little ones.”

Our only concern should be, to do what we are doing as well as we are able, and to know, that we will finally hear the welcome sound of the Father’s voice, saying, “Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things.” (Matthew)

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