Leaving the Past


Much of humanity appears to be victimized by memories of the past. What we are today, we are told, is the result of the past: our human parentage, our childhood, our home environment, and our education. All are said to leave an impression on us.

We appear to be the composite result of what we have been in the past, and of what we’ll continue to be, until we learn through the blessed teachings of Christian Science, that, “Now are we the sons of God.” (I John)

In view of this, shouldn’t we make a more persistent effort to eliminate thinking that is plainly destructive to our health and happiness? One of the things we most need to let go of, is the belief of the past. The average human mind is much like the average storehouse, full of all sorts of useless and discarded things, so worn-out, faded and dusty, that they should have been thrown out long ago. Yet, how we cling to these memories of the past, rehearse them, and store them again in consciousness, when we should be forgetting them, and getting on with the good life God has prepared for us. Let’s bring out all these hidden things from their dark corners, in this mental storage house of ours, and make an end to them.

Let’s bring them all, without one single reservation, even to the remembrance of the very worst thing that ever happened to us, and which has darkened our lives; let’s bring them out and dispose of them.

It may not be possible with a wave of the hand, to entirely forget these things. But, we can destroy today, and forever, the sting of them, realizing that we have lost nothing but a false concept that was never real, and only remember the good which came from the experience. Then we see, as a loved poet wrote:

“That all of good the past hath had,
Remains to make our own time glad.”

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