With so much going on in the news, to me, and maybe to others, the agonizing thought comes; “Are our prayers of no avail?” It may be true that the answer to our prayers has not come in the way which most of us expected, but isn’t that usually the case? Prayer which outlines a specific result is not prayer at all, as Christian Science understands it, but the human will seeking its own way. True prayer is different. Did we pray that God’s will might be done, in His own time and way, that His Word might “enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them” as our Church Manual says, or did we just pray for a place of calm in the storm?

Jesus knew how to pray. Even when he hung upon the cross, he did not ask to be delivered. Suppose every Christian on earth today had been there at that time. Might we not have prayed just as earnestly that he should be let down from the cross? Yet if those prayers had been answered, Jesus would not have made the supreme demonstration that he did, in proving that God is Life and there is no death. Then let his followers of today take courage and pray that His will be done for all mankind.

When the rains descend and the floods come and beat upon the house, that is the time of greatest growth. Built on the rock of Truth, it stands; but if it rests merely upon theories or superstitions, it will crumble at our feet. In times of stress, the heart no longer satisfied with the old ways is growing spiritually and is attuned, as never before, to hear the “still small voice” of Truth.

Let us not be dismayed. Let us read in the signs of the times a prophecy of better things to come. Let us work with hope and courage for the dawn of a holier day.

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