The Divine Energies


The demand on every citizen of a democracy, and on his government, is to be strong.

Daniel’s experience encourages us greatly. It’s recorded that there passed before Daniel a vision of the nations at war. Daniel was feeling weak and afraid when he accepted the feelings of anxiety, which always accompany the belief that man is the helpless victim of circumstances; but when he heeded the spiritual message that man is the beloved son of God, his strength, courage, and peace returned.

A man was suffering from extreme exhaustion, resulting from a severe illness. He needed strength, and this strength had to be manifested before he could return to his job. As he examined his mental state, he was appalled to realize that he had been regarding his need for strength and energy almost completely on the basis of his physical condition. He saw that in attempting to “make” a matter body strong and full of energy, he was accepting all the beliefs that matter claims for itself. He was building up in thought exactly what he wanted to get rid of. With error uncovered, he asked himself these questions: “What, then, is the true strength which it is my right to exercise? What are the divine energies of Spirit? And how may they be used?” Turning to God for instruction, he received the answer, and was immediately healed of exhaustion. Like Daniel, his strength returned to him, and along with it peace, and renewed courage.

True energy is God’s will. It is the spiritual force of the divine Mind, ever present, wholly good, reliable, and all-sufficient. The antithesis of divine energy, or will, is the mortal will, which is a mixture of belief in good and evil, Spirit and matter, which is completely unsatisfactory and evil, because it denies the allness of God, good.

In order to make use of the divine energies, we must earnestly strive to give up human will and outlining, and empty our thought of any false stimulus, with its abnormal activity and depressed reactions. This purification begun, we are ready to avail ourselves of the divine energies. The desire for good is present in every human being. As we cherish right desire and express it in daily living, we find that our capacity for good is being enlarged. This capacity includes receptivity to spiritual ideas from God, the divine energies so sorely needed by humanity.

In its search for the primal source of power, mankind has broken down matter into atoms, electrons, and so forth, and finally has conceded that matter’s supposed substance is a form of energy.

Spiritual understanding, which starts with God, shows us that true energy is spiritual, with the intelligence of Mind, the power of Truth and Love, the vitality of Life, the adhesive, cohesive, and attractive forces of Soul, the control and government of Principle. Spiritual sense silences the claims of evil and, through silent prayer and communion with the one God, possesses and utilizes real energy.

We allow ourselves to be robbed of the energy and vigor of Truth when we fail to quickly challenge the first argument of sickness suggested by evil. At these times to contemplate the body, and ruminate as to which organ or function of the body is responsible for the sickness, isn’t wise.

One who correctly understands the truths of Christian Science, and consistently practices what he learns, wastes no time looking in the wrong direction for help. He recognizes that God alone is the cause of all, and that all that God causes is good. He sees himself as an individual expression of that good. He is aware that God is forever sending forth His ideas, that these ideas are filled with energy, and that he is forever awake to, and expressing, these ideas, and that he can always find, regardless of circumstances, divine energy to strengthen and invigorate him.

Gratitude is a great source of divine energy, for it acknowledges the activity of good and denies the reality of evil. This divine quality, expressed in man’s consciousness, reinvigorates his being.

Each declaration, made with spiritual understanding, that divine Principle underlies, overlies, and encompasses all true being, weakens the power of evil and imparts practical energy and strength to man’s being.

The loyal worker is awake, aware, and active through divine energy. He is obedient to the two great commandments, as given by Jesus in the twelfth chapter of Mark, to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength,” and “thy neighbour as thyself.”

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