“All That I Have Is Thine”


Christian Science came to me at a time when everything seemed hopeless. One by one, I had lost several members of my family. I was deep in debt, and was bitter and despondent. Then one day, Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy, was loaned to me. I went away by myself, sure that it was the message I had been searching for all my life. I read for hours with the same intense joy that a prisoner would read his pardon, because this book explained God in a way that I had always wanted to believe. I continued to read every spare moment, and I began to see the way out of all my troubles. I began to feel a great love for every one, especially those who had wronged me. In fact, the first thing I did was to write to them and tell them that I loved and forgave them.

A few weeks later, I lost my voice. A doctor examined me, and told me that I would never have the proper use of my voice again, unless I had an operation. Since I am a voice teacher, this was serious. However, I knew that God could heal me.

In one treatment from a Christian Science practitioner, not only was my voice restored, but something beautiful happened. All of the loss and sorrow, which had plagued me for years, vanished. I’ll never forget the peace and assurance that flooded my thought when the practitioner gave me these words from the Bible: “Son, thou art ever with Me, and all that I have is thine.” (Luke) I came away absolutely sure that I couldn’t lose anything that would not be replaced by good.

Now, each day brings greater good, and larger opportunity. I have found my peace and my health through the love of God expressed in Christian Science.

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