Let Your Light So Shine

From the Christian Science Sentinel, September 21, 1907, by

It is said by some that they like the moral teaching of Christian Science, but that they are not sure of its reasoning and in any case see no hindrance to practising its ideas without studying the Christian Science text-book. In this connection let us take for an illustration the light given by a lamp. A lamp is fed with oil, but emits no light until the wick is touched by flame. Then if the oil supply is regular and sufficient, and the wick properly trimmed, it burns with a steady light and the wick is not consumed. If, on the other hand, the oil has only saturated the wick, it burns but for a short time, the flame diminishes, and the wick is charred and so destroyed.

Herein lies a lesson. Permeated with the “oil of joy,” through the study of the Christian Science text-book, we shall be ready for the kindling flame of scientific understanding which springs from the pages of Science and Health, changing our darkness into light. This will at first cause a sudden radiance, which must be regulated to enable our light to shine continuously with a steady glow.

One has to learn that the light is not the production of the wick. There would be no light were the supply of oil to be neglected, and the flame would find no means to shine in our hearts should we fail to seek Truth constantly. Not at once would it be observed that our light was going out, but inasmuch as we were trusting in ourselves as the source of supply, so would it become to us a consuming fire; and were we to neglect the study of the truth revealed in the Bible, and made clear to this age through “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mrs. Eddy, we should find that our light was no longer shining.

When a lamp has been lighted, we fix a lamp glass, clear and undimmed, to protect the flame from any outside current, which would divert its upward trend and cause it to flicker and be unsteady, and so must we by all right means carefully protect our light so that nothing may come in to mar its effectiveness. Thus alone can we obey the Master’s command, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

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