“Blessed Are Your Eyes”


Man’s faculties are commonly believed to be physical, depending on matter for their existence and continuity; but Christian Science declares that real faculties are spiritual and indestructible. In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes, “The indestructible faculties of Spirit exist without the conditions of matter and also without the false beliefs of a so-called material existence.”

Whatever is spiritual is derived from Spirit and is as permanent as Spirit itself. Therefore spiritual faculties do not wear out; they are not affected by passing years, bodily injury, or disease of any kind. Spiritual faculties are forever clear and strong. They discern the order and harmony of perfect being and report the truths of divine reality.

The human faculties improve when we gain the spiritual sense of man’s faculties as perfect and indestructible. The reason for this is that the human faculties are primarily mental, and reflect the state of thought that governs them.

Visual deficiencies are frequently corrected through beholding perfection instead of imperfection in ourselves and others. Criticism distorts the vision, but true appreciation removes this distortion. The single eye of spiritual understanding enables us to have clear, distinct vision. If we are faced with the suggestion of imperfect eyesight, we will find it helpful to declare vigorously that material sense cannot rob our vision of spiritual perfection. It’s helpful to know that clearer thinking, based on spiritual truths, will bring clearer human vision.

A friend of mine proved these truths. For ten years before beginning the study of Christian Science, she had worn glasses for nearsightedness and astigmatism. Finally the eye specialist had her stay in a dimly lighted room for about six weeks, and gave her eyeglasses which, he said, would need frequent changes to stronger lenses.

About this time she became ill and was advised to have an operation; but feeling too weak for this, she turned to Christian Science for help. In her joy in studying this religion, she forgot about the eye trouble, and read from a Bible with very fine print. One day the eyeglasses annoyed her so much that she took them off, and when she did, she found that her eyes were completely normal. So great was the influx of spiritual light and understanding, that the sickness was quickly healed, as well.

This is unmistakable proof of the fact that our human faculties are improved by holding in thought the spiritual concept of them. Everything about real perception is entirely mental and spiritual. Light, perspective, clarity, acuity, strength, all these can be conceived of as spiritual and therefore perfect. When this is done, the eyes are brought under the harmonious government of divine Mind, and manifest normal soundness.

Spiritual discernment, man’s true perceptive faculty, will always behold the spiritual nature of all things. It sees perfectly, because it sees perfection.

Here is the Scriptural promise to those who trust God: “The eyes of them that see shall not be dim, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken.” (Isa.)

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