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Belief of Invasion


Being cannot be invaded now or at any time, because all Being is God. God cannot, and does not, invade Himself. Nothing can come to any nation but God, and God constitutes all Being. Being which is “I and my Father are one.” “Principle and its idea is one,” is all there is, and there is no other being. This understanding is the “all-out” to ourselves and to the people of all nations. This knowing is what we all want and what we must supply by knowing everyone already has all.

The “all-out” to any nation is the understanding which goes forth from Mind, that all Being is whole and complete within itself. Where is this being of activity taking place?

Is it over there? Are we working to objectify something in other countries? If so, we are working incorrectly. The demonstration is to be made here in your consciousness and not anywhere else.

Evil cannot invade good. Evil cannot invade God. The divine Mind needs no defense. As we see that God is the Mind of man, we can understand our position at this time. Wherever man is, there is Mind. And wherever Mind is, there is God. Mind which is infinitely good, recognizes no power unlike itself, recognizes no sinning evil man, no war. This determination of Mind to be Mind is an offensive to the belief in evil.

Say many times a day to yourself, “Where God is, I Am, and where I Am is the power of God.” Where the power of God is, there is no other power, no war, bombing, hatred or invasion. There is the freedom of infinite Being — valiant in its own strength, goodness and power.

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