Fresh Promise


All of us, at some time, reach a place in our lives where material supports absolutely fail us, and finally, in humility, we turn to God.

At this point, many of us are led to ask for help in Christian Science. In the darkness of our extremity, we reach out for a clearer understanding of God, and then Truth’s revelation comes to us, and we find that God really is present. We feel strengthened, and become conscious of the ever-present tenderness of His Love.

As the days go by, we begin to learn more and more about God. Old problems pass away from us, fears are destroyed, and finally the disturbing situation, which seemed such a burden, disappears from our thought, and we find that we’re healed, free.

Then we begin to understand that God is infinite, ever-present good, and that man is His image and likeness. We find that the kingdom of heaven is within us. Life stretches before us, beautiful, inspiring, and new. “Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” Hopes which may have long been buried, spring up in our hearts. The harmony of creation becomes clear to us, “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” This is the springtime vision, where the loving warmth of God, divine Mind, is seen and felt.

So, if it should happen, at times, that you walk through dark places in your experience, don’t be discouraged. When the shadows seem deepest, and it seems least like the arrival of springtime, you may be taking one of those mighty invisible footsteps which will establish you more firmly in Truth, until at last you find the glory of God shining on your pathway, and every step a step nearer to God.

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