Trusting God


When people came to Jesus to be healed, he didn’t ask if their problem was acute or chronic. However, he sometimes asked if they had faith, and if they really wanted to be made free. He understood that the power to heal was in Mind, God, and that this power could be demonstrated in human experience by bringing thought into harmony with God, thereby eliminating false trusts, which obscure the healing power.

It’s a truism that we are always trusting something. In fact, we trust what we give power to. When we are willing to look beyond our own limited sense for relief from our woes, we will be ready to turn to the only living and true God for deliverance, comfort, and satisfaction.

As we learn what God really is, we know that we are safe trusting Him. It’s not difficult to trust a God who has all power, who is always present, who is unerring, infinite Mind, unfailing Truth, boundless Love. We can know that His perfect law is always in operation, and His harmonious government is unopposable. Having gained the sweet assurance that God is Love, unchanging Principle, we can trust Him with absolute certainty. As we have true confidence in God as unchanging Principle, we understand that man, who is His image, cannot deviate from perfection. Trusting God is not just for the purpose of making us healthy or harmonious. Understanding and relying on God, destroys the material beliefs which would darken our vision of man as Mind’s divine idea, complete and perfect, now. True trust in God helps and heals by revealing to human thought man’s present likeness to God, good.

In viewing any problem, whether of supply, health, or human relationship, we must maintain the divine fact of man’s present perfection in spite of material appearances. The material appearance is not true, nor is it a determining factor in healing. The understanding of what is divinely true, brought to bear upon the false sense of discord, harmonizes thought and governs outward conditions. Daniel wasn’t disturbed when thrown into the den of lions. He placed his trust in God, divine Love, both before and when the evidence of evil seemed darkest, and maintained it until he was delivered. And the Bible records that “no manner of hurt was found upon him, because he believed in his God.”

True trust doesn’t give up in times of stress or give way before apparent defeat. Mrs. Eddy writes, “In the dark hours, wise Christian Scientists stand firmer than ever in their allegiance to God. Wisdom is wedded to their love, and their hearts are not troubled.” (Mis. Wr.)

A man who was away from home became very ill and was in great pain. After being confined to bed for several days, he told the practitioner who was helping him that he wasn’t any better, and dreaded the coming night. He was asked, “Are you really trusting God? It isn’t night yet. Would you be willing to trust God for one more night?” This startled the man, who replied that he was not only willing to trust God for one more night, but that he intended to trust Him always, and was starting right then to do so. This was the beginning of improvement, and in three days the man was able to drive himself a considerable distance and resume his business duties. He grasped the truth of what he has since seen more clearly, namely, that fearing and planning what error might do, was having faith in evil, while understanding and holding to what God had done, and was doing for man, getting ready for and expecting good, was trusting God.

Trusting God is not passive resignation to something indefinite, nor is it lukewarm wishful thinking. It is an alert, intelligent, spiritually mental activity. It recognizes that God’s law is forever operating to bless man, and there is no power to delay or thwart His law.

Mrs. Eddy writes, “Having faith in the divine Principle of health and spiritually understanding God, sustains man under all circumstances.” (S&H) An understanding of Christian Science encourages us to meet the claims of evil not as realities, but as deceptive appearances. It has enabled many to face with unshaken confidence, serious problems, and see them disappear before triumphant trust in God.

It is continuously trusting God that heals. Hope, and confidently maintained trust in God, and holding earnestly to man’s present perfection as God’s own image and likeness, brings victory. When our consciousness is anchored in God’s goodness, our thinking is impervious to invasion by error’s lying arguments. We can’t be turned from this right path, nor can we be prevented from enjoying the fruits of our labors. We will find, as the prophet Nahum stated, that “the Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him.”

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