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United Effort

From the September 1889 issue of The Christian Science Journal by

As all understand, who have studied Christian Science, its foundation is Unity, or the oneness of Mind. Whatever, then, aims a blow at the united effort or the organizations of Christian Scientists strikes at the most vital part of the Science whose foundation Principle is Unity.

Christian Scientists are now striving for a more perfect union, in vindication of the unity, or the Oneness of Mind.

However well-meaning those may be who are attempting to discourage the organization of Christian Scientists, the erroneous action is no less harmful in its results, to those Scientists who find themselves either voicing, or acting with those who put forward such thoughts.

Man is in freedom when he realizes that Truth calls him to work for such realization, and against whatever is opposed to it. In union is strength, and also Harmony which is Truth. Can Truth be dismembered and still be the Truth? Can God be divided and still be the one true God? How, then, can the advocates and exponents of Truth be divided, and work at the same time for the One Mind, that is God?

“They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots”; the vesture of Truth they parted not, so sacred was it—even unconsciously—to the sordid soldiers at the cross. Shall we, who are working for Truth in the name of Christian Science, be more faithless and culpable than they?

The vesture or outward apparel of Truth must remain intact, or undivided; there must be no appearance of a rent, or even a seam; else we cannot be sheltered by the one, seamless robe of Truth. So if Christian Scientists seek to be the outward manifestation or expression of Truth, they must be similarly undivided in the outward semblance. The watchword of Christian Science is Union and Liberty of mind and thought. We must be as one in our efforts, and stand shoulder to shoulder; for in that attitude lies our strength and the assurance of victory.

All who understand the action of mind, know that the mortal body bespeaks the condition of the mortal mind; that this body really and truly manifests what is in the mind, for it is the expression of the mortal mind. So in Christian Science when we talk disunity, while claiming unity of the Spirit, back of our words there lies an inconsistency that is at once apparent. “We shall be judged by our works.” Actions manifest thoughts of mind, and they are in accordance with it, just as necessarily as the body in its manifestation of disease, accords with the mortal mind it images. The question is, Are our words and actions consistent with the teaching of Science?

Are we working for unity? Then thoughts, words, and actions will all declare it. Departure from this line in any form of manifestation, shows a defect in understanding of Science that will cause us to give way when the strain is put upon us.

There is no dissatisfaction among the true followers of Christian Science. There must always be a leader in any cause, and we are satisfied with ours. No one among us desires to usurp that Leader’s place, but is willing to fill the place assigned. When Gen. Grant had undisputed control of the army, he led quickly to victory. This result proved what unity and concerted action, in the line of duty, will accomplish. They lead always to conquest. Petty ambitions and thoughts of self-advancement and self-interest must be laid aside. We must work alone for the cause we love, and then we shall see how quickly Truth will be crowned the victor.

We must not be deceived by the fancied resemblance of error to Truth, but learn to discriminate. If the higher forms of error did not always come in the guise of Truth, its chance of misleading, and being taken for Truth, would be very slight. Is frankness, or subtlety, the character of evil? does evil always affirm that it is such, or prefer to conceal itself under the pretence of a good motive or purpose? Had evil not called itself good, there would be no history (in belief) of the fall of man. Let us not repeat the mistake of our first parents, by allowing ourselves to be misled by the fair appearance and false pretensions that are characteristics of the higher forms of evil.

Some say we are too aggressive in resisting the encroachments of Error. But are we not admonished to gird on the “whole armor of Truth,” and to fight the good fight? Why such an injunction if the occasions were not to arise when such armor would be needed? Moreover, are we not plainly told that on the field of Truth “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee”? Until the last foe of Truth be destroyed, we can have but brief truce;—permanent peace is not won until Evil is entirely destroyed.

We are enrolled as soldiers in the cause of Truth, and must hear ever calling us, the word, “On to Victory.” We must not demur at the summons, but like Paul, be thankful that we are esteemed worthy to be engaged in so good a cause.

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