The Covenant


A couple of definitions for the word “covenant” in the 1828 Webster Dictionary are “a mutual consent or agreement of two or more persons; the promise of God to man, that man’s perfect obedience should entitle him to happiness.” In the Bible you will find the word covenant referred to often. It was a common and natural thing in those days to make a covenant with God. The following is an excerpt from the book “Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy” by Adam Dickey, who at one time worked in Mrs. Eddy’s home. Mr. Dickey is referring to his father, Nathaniel Dickey, who in the year 1859 made this beautiful covenant with God.

He writes of his father, “I never knew a better man than my father. His life was one of uprightness and purity and he was admired and respected by all who knew him. After he passed on his children found his diary, under the date of August 7, 1859, the following entry, which gives a better insight into my father’s character than I ever could:”

In the name of the Father & of the Son & of the
Holy Gost I thus solemly inter into a covenant
with my Creator & Redeemer, having for its end
the Glory of God & the salvation of my soul.
And that I may be directed aright at this time,
I Beseech Thee Heavenly Father to grant me
the enlightening influences of the Holy Spirit,
Both to dictate the course most proper to be
pursued & to strengthen me that I may be kept
faithful in the discharge of the following
duties, for Jesus sake, Amen.-
1st I give myselfe Body Soul & Spirit into
the hands of my Creator to be used as Gods
will may direct,
2nd That I will at least twice every day
approach him in prayer for the pardon of my
sins & full development of my Christian char-
3rd That I will at least once each day read &
endevour to understand some portion of his
holy word,
4th That I will endevour to become recon-
ciled to any with whome I may be at variance
and make restitution to such as I may have in
any way injured…
5th That in all matters of doubt or un-
certainty I will keep the example of Jesus be-
fore me & endevour to act according to my
knowledge of his will,
6th That I will keep a journal in which to
record my observation & reflections, For it is
evident I have lost much by not having kept
any record of the various events of my life.”

(the text has been copied exactly how it is found in book)

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