Seeing and Hearing Permanent as Being


People often believe that seeing and hearing are their personal possessions, which dwell in organs called eyes and ears. They believe, too, that these important personal possessions are subject to impairment, or even destruction, by forces over which they have little or no control.

Christian Science teaches that the material sense of seeing, and hearing is not the real or actual. True seeing and hearing are found in the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing Mind, called God. Man’s substance is Mind, not matter, and so are his seeing and hearing.

Mortal mind, the one liar, claims to control all that belongs to divine Mind, including seeing, hearing. But claiming is not having. Mortal mind claims. Immortal Mind has. God possesses all.

As man expresses the being of God, he also expresses the seeing and hearing of God. God is the substance of man’s seeing and hearing. Man forever sees and hears, because man forever manifests the forever-seeing, forever-hearing Mind.

Because all being is God, all seeing and hearing is in God, and is as indestructible as God. The only true seeing and hearing of man is the discerning activity of God, individually expressed.

Jesus was not afraid of blindness and deafness. To him they were not the facts of being. They were not conditions of man. He understood the spiritual fact of being, seeing, and hearing, all dwelling in Mind. He knew error’s misconception of them could never touch the spiritual fact.

To the blind beggar, he said, “Receive thy sight.” To the deaf and dumb, he commanded, “Be opened.” These afflictions were instantly healed. The blind saw. The deaf heard. Jesus realized that matter could not dictate to Mind, God, or prevent the all-seeing, all-hearing God from continuously expressing in man His seeing and hearing activity.

If evil suggestion whispers that you do not see or hear well, instantly, and persistently, reverse that wicked lie. What do you care what mortal mind says about its concepts? Know the truth about God and His work. Silence wrong suggestions by knowing that not a single idea of God has ever had impaired being, seeing, or hearing, and never will. Align thought with God and the eternal perfection of His work.

If subtle suggestion argues that time can affect seeing and hearing, deny it. The myths of time or age can’t challenge the continuity of God’s being, seeing, and hearing, and their perfect expression, man.

We find our true senses as we find our oneness with God. In this oneness is our superiority, and immunity from error’s lie of impaired seeing or hearing. How is this oneness found? Step by step, through unloading false selfhood, through purifying and spiritualizing our daily thoughts and lives. Entertaining the spiritual thoughts God gives; unselfed love, wisdom, courage, faith, in place of the blinding, deafening thoughts of fear, hate, animality, self-love, self-will.

In our God-constituted right-mindedness is our God-bestowed right-sightedness. There is no nearsightedness, farsightedness, distortion, or dimness. Mind sees in perfect focus and clarity all that exists. As we come to realize this in some degree, a normal human sense of sight and hearing will appear. Matter is subjugated, compelled to become servient instead of dominant, and we take a step nearer to the realization of our oneness with God.

“The senses of Spirit abide in Love, and they demonstrate Truth and Life.” (S&H) They are secure in Love’s keeping, and they are ours by Love’s giving.

Christian Science says to the mentally and physically blind, “Receive thy sight.” Accept the Christ-idea of spiritual being, and seeing, that is divinely yours; and to the deaf, “Let your ears be opened.” This is the mandate of God. God and His Christ are here today as of old, to prove this fact.

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