Christian Science Healing: Spiritual and Scientific


We are all familiar with the fact that diseases and distressing symptoms are alleviated when fear and worry cease, and the harmonious effects of peace, happiness, and satisfaction prevail. Take a rubber ball, grasp it tightly in the hand, thereby destroying its normal outline; then remove the pressure of the fingers, and when the strain is gone, the ball resumes its natural shape. In a similar way, mental disturbances clamp the body, put it under strain, distort it; but when these disturbances are removed, the body becomes normal, natural.

When a mathematician corrects a mathematical error, it is not his will which makes the correction, but the mathematical truth which he knows and applies. The power is inherent in the mathematical truth and not in the will of the mathematician. When an ill or sin is healed in Christian Science, it is not the will of the Christian Scientist which does the healing, but the spiritual truth which he knows and applies to the human error. The power is in the truth itself, not in the human will. Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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