“They That Hear Shall Live”


True hearing consists in listening to God’s thoughts. Although Jesus pointed out that having ears did not constitute the ability to hear, Christians have gone on believing that hearing depends upon the condition of the auditory nerve. Since Christian Science was discovered, there have been many well-documented cases showing this belief to be a mistaken one, for the deaf have been made to hear in spite of the medical diagnosis of deafness.

Deafness, blindness, and all other ills of the flesh will continue to harass mankind until the hypnotism of the mortal dream that there is something apart from God is broken. Material living is always a limited state of existence, whether it says of itself, “I am well,” “I am sick,” “I am deaf,” or “I hear.” It must be educated to see the falsity of its own declarations and learn the facts of divine Mind. The deaf person turning to Christian Science for healing is doing vastly more for himself than the one who seeks help elsewhere.

What the divine Mind knows is reflected by its idea, man; and this reflection can never be interfered with. Along with all other God-given faculties, man is at all times reflecting perfect hearing, though the material senses may testify to the contrary. On page 214 of Science and Health we read, “If the medium of hearing is wholly spiritual, it is normal and indestructible.” When one understandingly declares that hearing is the capacity to understand God, and constantly abides by this testimony of spiritual sense in daily living, he will find his hearing restored.

The belief of impaired hearing, cannot withstand the righteous desire to hear the Word of God. As soon as the weight of spiritual listening overbalances the scale of mortal listening, healing will appear.

Real hearing relates to spiritual actualities, and is the understanding of Love and Life. When it is realized that the bliss of heavenly communion may be experienced here and now through right hearing, then will men prayerfully distinguish immortal from mortal strains. They will earnestly listen to the “still, small voice,” that they may bring healing and regeneration to all mankind.

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