How to Pray in Christian Science


Learning to pray rightly is the secret of all Christian success. We need to remember that prayer isn’t to change God’s thinking, but to change our thinking. God can’t be anything but Himself. Prayer couldn’t make Him more loving, kind, merciful, and good than He already is, and always has been. Every need is already supplied by the truth of what God is.

The true value of prayer is in its effect upon the one praying. As he turns his face towards God, his thought and character become divinely transformed.

Prayer is the cultivation of the state of thought in which we reverently and gratefully use the good that God has already given us. It’s not begging for something that God might otherwise withhold. The child of God is not a beggar, but an heir, entitled to “all that the Father hath.” The Bible tells us that, “now are we the sons of God.” Then let’s approach God “now,” as “sons,” and not as outcasts or orphans.

The Christian Scientist goes to God in prayer as he would go to an abundant feast where he can partake of all that he needs. The practice of pleading with God is as unreasonable as for a hungry man to sit at a beautifully spread table and beg for food. What we need, is to open our mental eyes, to see as Elisha’s servant did, that we are encircled by God’s protecting power, that we are safe with Him at all times, and that no good thing is ever withheld from us.

The whole subject of prayer is reverently and fully explained by Mrs. Eddy in the first chapter of Science and Health. Anyone who studies it with a sincere desire to know Truth, to draw near to God, can begin the glorious work of demonstrating Christian Science.

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