Your Background


Does the argument come to you that you didn’t come from a good family, or have the same opportunities as someone else? Stand on the fact that you came forth from God; that your background is God Himself.

You came forth from the background of the infinite grandeur of Mind — from the capabilities and capacities of Principle itself; you came forth from the sound and stable foundation of Truth. Sincerity, genuineness, and fidelity are the very nature of your being.

Thou art Truth’s honest child,
Of pure and sinless heart;
— Hymn #382

You came forth from, and are the substance of, Spirit; you are the loved of God. Your whole background is the background of Love, and Love only; and there never has been, and never can be, a power that can change the status of Love’s child. You emerged from the background of radiance and beauty.

You were made of the inspiration and stimulation of Soul; Life eternal is your life. You were not created delicate or weak or with a predisposition to take cold and have indigestion. You were created of Life-substance, and Life can never be less than vigorous and warm and energetic and spontaneous. You are Life expressing itself; then there is never anything less than life in your being. Your sense, faculties, and functions are operated by Life, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Truth, Love.

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