Genuine quietness, as revealed in Christian Science, is won through courage, fidelity, purity; it is the result of spiritual watchfulness, and of instant surrender to the demands of Divine Principle.

This “great calm” is spiritual and perpetual; it is never invaded by error, by pain, sin, or fear.

“When He giveth quietness, who then can make trouble?” If a claim of sickness, however threatening it may appear to be, is met with persistent, quiet fidelity, born of trust in Divine Love, then the self-destructive claim is bound to relinquish its seeming hold. The joy of life lies in demonstrating man’s true birthright. With what joy one awakens each morning, thanking God for Christian Science, which is progressively unfolding the spiritual, demonstrable inheritance of immortal life, unerring intelligence, limitless love, perfect health, unsullied holiness and purity.

Paul urged the Thessalonians, “Study to be quiet, and to do your own business.” Each one’s business, each one’s holy mission, is to see how abundantly he can express his own true individuality as a child of God; how certainly he can demonstrate this goodly heritage without interference or interruption; how faithfully he can resist false mental suggestion in order that in his daily life he shall reflect only Mind’s beautiful design and purpose.

Through courage and fidelity, this quietness can always be regained and retained; for it is an evidence of the ever-presence of Divine Love and of man’s conscious at-one-ment with Love. In Miscellaneous Writings (page 227) Mrs. Eddy speaks of “a life wherein calm, self-respected thoughts abide in tabernacles of their own, dwelling upon a holy hill, speaking the truth in the heart; a life wherein the mind can rest in green pastures, beside the still waters, on isles of sweet refreshment.”

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