Understanding God


We all need to understand God. An understanding of God will solve every problem in our daily lives.

We learn about God through the ideas and thoughts that He sends to each of us; in fact, these thoughts and ideas are actually the very presence of God Himself. These ideas from God give us life, health, and perfect being. God gives us dominion, joy and power.

God’s ideas bring vigor, alertness, tenderness, health, peace of mind and body. There can be no bodily peace without peace of mind. In proportion as our thoughts become spiritual, we find eternal life.

Ask yourself: Does the thought before me at this moment come from divine Truth, Life, or Love? Is it eternal? Is it Christlike? Is it a help or a hindrance to true, pure living? Our choices will determine our peace.

The right choice lifts us out of discord into harmony, heaven itself. The Christ-idea is at hand to lift our thought, to comfort and strengthen us, if we will listen for it.

We can all progress in Christian Science by regular study, and by then applying what we understand. Every condition of health and environment is a mental condition externalized. Therefore, the student of Christian Science finds everything constantly improving, as his thinking is regenerated.

We find our unity with God through thinking good thoughts, and step by step, thought by thought, our connection with God grows. The pure in heart understand God’s ideas more and more. God sustains every idea in creation, and it is in God that we find every need supplied.

The person who lives, loves, thinks, and heals spiritually, through expressing divine Mind’s ideas, can never fail in any right activity.

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