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Humanity cries for more light; yet in reality the light of Truth is here and the ultimate is always at hand. The kingdom of God spoken of by John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul is always present, though not always humanly perceived. Its invariable characteristic is light. The New Jerusalem knows no darkness. As we read in the Apocalypse: “And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light.” The experience of spiritual progress may be described as that of emerging into the light, leaving the darkness of the world behind, the blackness of sin, the density of mesmerism. A spiritual joyousness, spontaneous and invigorating, accompanies this advance. In the full light of the kingdom of heaven on earth there is no knowledge of evil; for evil is error, hence unreal. There the sting of the serpent has been extracted; former enemies are friends, what were supposed to be trying experiences are recognized as having been privileges; the all-embracing atmosphere of spiritual light is felt to include the totality of man and universe; the mellowness of God’s fiat is apparent. In the Glossary of “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” the word sun is defined by Mrs. Eddy as “the symbol of Soul governing man, — of Truth, Life, and Love.”

In defining the name Euphrates in this same Glossary Mrs. Eddy writes in part: “The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity.” This state of consciousness she has also described in a highly significant passage on page 49 of “Unity of Good”: “The more I understand true humanhood, the more I see it to be sinless, — as ignorant of sin as is the perfect Maker.”

The child thought which Jesus described as essential to those who enter the kingdom of God is that uncontaminated state of consciousness which does not accept the supposititious powers and threats of material sense. Human children may be early weighted in their experience by evil prenatal dispositions or by a pernicious mental atmosphere. To the extent that they are also made to carry the baggage of material religions, medicine, or science they are handicapped in their spiritual progress, but Christian Science parents can do much to give their children a fair start. We read on page 237 of Science and Health, “Children should be taught the Truth-cure, Christian Science, among their first lessons, and kept from discussing or entertaining theories or thoughts about sickness. To prevent the experience of error and its sufferings, keep out of the minds of your children either sinful or diseased thoughts. The latter should be excluded on the same principle as the former. This makes Christian Science early available.” Much valuable advice is given by Mrs. Eddy in her writings as to the proper education of children, and this advice is applicable to adults as well.

A special injunction rests upon Christian Scientists to reflect the light lest darkness again settle upon the earth and the footprints of former reformers be swept away by a returning tide of the restless sea of error. Jesus once said to his disciples: “Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth. While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. These things spake Jesus, and departed, and did hide himself from them.” Was Jesus momentarily oppressed by the suggestion of a possible reversal of his teachings in the future? Did he perceive what his disciples did not, — the ruthless determination of the darkness not to yield before the light; the purpose of the blackness of myth and mysticism, of obscurantism and occultism to raise an army of Antichrist to combat the Christ, Truth, he came to impart? Was this the reason why he “did hide himself from them,” that he might pray for the world and avert the threatened danger? Christian Scientists in this era are not exempt from the obligations imposed upon the children of light in all times. Loyally attentive to the warnings of their Leader, they stand ready to repulse open and secret attempts to plunge the world once more into pre-Christian gloom.

The facts of being abide steadfast upon the rock of Truth. The unquenchable light of Soul irradiates true being. Eternal life excludes fear and malice, pain and suffering. The Father-Mother God’s impartiality blesses all. The new and true has displaced the old and false; the beauty of holiness reigns and all the earth keeps silence; thus God’s work is finished. The cry of humanity for more light and ever more light is already answered. Years ago the Discoverer of Christian Science was able to utter the glorious assurance in her poem “Christ and Christmas”: —

For Christian Science brings to view
The great I Am, —
Omniscient power, — gleaming through
Mind, mother, man.

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