The Chimes of Liberty

From the May 4, 1918 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel by

Liberty is of God. The more men understand God’s power, the more liberty they have. In the liberty of God, men are tuned to each other in one grand harmony of unity. The chimes of spiritual liberty ring for victory even while physical sense seems to lie in bondage. They announce to receptive hearts the dawn of day, the reign of righteousness, of lessons learned, evil plans forestalled, revenge frustrated, hatred baffled — announcing the kingdom of heaven at hand!

The famous Liberty Bell of the United States was brought from England and recast in Philadelphia, and the following Bible text placed upon it: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” This proclamation is true to-day in a spiritual sense which the American patriots of Washington’s time could not have understood. Christian Science has caused the true song of liberty to be heard, liberty from sin, sickness, and the fear of death.

Through her discovery of Christian Science in 1866 Mrs. Eddy inaugurated another and greater struggle for liberty than the world had ever known, and for this the bells are today ringing in the hearts of uncounted thousands. She explained this struggle in an address delivered in Chicago in 1888, and to be found on page 101 of Miscellaneous Writings. There she says: “Christian Science and the senses are at war. It is a revolutionary struggle. We already have had two in this nation; and they began and ended in a contest for the true idea, for human liberty and rights. Now cometh a third struggle; for the freedom of health, holiness, and the attainment of heaven.”

Former invalids, doomed by material medicine to lifelong imprisonment, sing in their hearts that the truth has made them free in the true liberty of health; those who were once sick unto death are today robust and useful citizens by reason of it; little children given up as incurable run and play and rejoice in these chimes of liberty.

Christian Science holds out real liberty, and reconstructs the fallen lives on the sure foundation of the rock of the Christ healing power. The former slaves of bad habits, those who have been liberated from prisons and asylums by Christian Science, join in this great hymn of praise and thanksgiving.

Truly, as our dear Leader has said (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 343), “Among the manifold soft chimes that will fill the haunted chambers of memory, this is the sweetest: ‘Thou hast been faithful!’”

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