The Price of Liberty


Liberty has never been established by a false peace. It takes the righteous facts of truth to satisfy the high ideals of liberty. Mrs. Eddy writes, “Truth crushed to earth springs spontaneously upward, and whispers to the breeze man’s inalienable birthright — Liberty.” (My.)

Pacifism, the attitude which clamors for peace at any price, produces a false peace which puts the world in confusion, for it gives the enemy just what it wants. Pacifism attempts to pacify without healing. Real pacification does not permit evils to be covered up, but uncovers evil in order to destroy it.

The true pacificator is one who brings peace through healing. Mrs. Eddy illustrates the true prayer for peace: “Each day I pray for the pacification of all national difficulties, for the brotherhood of man, for the end of idolatry and infidelity, and for the growth and establishment of Christian religion — Christ’s Christianity.” (My.) The real peace of God is a state of consciousness in which man walks and talks with God. Mental alertness governed by spiritual activity is clothed with God’s protecting power.

In the Message for 1900, Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Certain elements in human nature would undermine the civic, social, and religious rights and laws of nations and peoples, striking at liberty, human rights, and self-government — and this, too, in the name of God, justice, and humanity!” Righteousness sometimes calls for temporary material disorganization, for pulling down in order to build up. This was demonstrated by the founders of the United States of America, who fought for a higher standard of liberty and freedom for all mankind. This has been proved in the lives of many Christian Scientists, when wrong thinking has had to be destroyed in order that the right understanding of the Principle that governs and supplies might follow. We are Christian soldiers, filling our places in civic life as true citizens working under the power of God to heal and save. God is always at hand to help in every problem, if we understand Him to be the only power that saves and heals.

Look unflinchingly into the cause and effect of war. Can there be a cessation of warlike activities until the cause of this evil has been utterly destroyed? We will have the peace of God, when the righteousness of men is established upon earth, so that all will be free to live in liberty. There is no failure on the side of Truth.

Nations must find out that they cannot commit crimes with impunity. Merely to restrain criminal nations would not guarantee peace, but to purge their governments of criminality will save the people who are now hypnotized by the criminal teachings of these nations. When individuals place their votes upon the people who have righteous views and the courage to stand for Principle in government affairs, there will be no danger of putting criminal politicians into power.

With great moral courage and spiritual endurance, Mrs. Eddy long ago laid bare the secret processes of the carnal mind in its subtler phases. Demagogues, at home and abroad, will resist this progress, but today, as never before, liberty is acquiring a spiritual significance in human thought. It is breaking the bonds of fear and favor. This liberty cannot be bargained for. It is the crown won by spiritual progress.

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