Give Faithful Testimony

From the Christian Science Journal, February 1884, by

Those who have enjoyed the benefits of Christian healing should not be afraid to speak in its favor. They should herald the glad tidings everywhere, that others may know and be benefited in their turn.

There is many a poor, suffering mortal, who would turn with joy to the relief afforded here. Do not be afraid of being laughed at; for out of the many who hear, doubtless a few will joyfully give credit to it, and be willing to be awakened from their dream of suffering. Make known the fact every­where that Truth is more potent than drugs, and thereby you will help to save many who are passing away. If you suc­ceed in making but one believe then you have done a little, for you have helped one on further in Life. If you are afraid to speak, then you are denying the Principle of your practice, and are likely to fall into discord yourself. Tell all whom you find suffering that health and freedom from pain are possible for them. Get all interested in this cause that you can. It is a great work, and should be sustained. We want earnest, Christian support. Our works will bear the light. There is nothing hidden in our method of doing good. We work in love, and Divine Love brings our labors fruition.

Recommend our Sunday services to your friends. They will prove a help to all who attend them. Advise all to have our paper and our books, that they may get as perfect an understanding as they can with­out studying. Explain Christian Science to others, and you will find yourself growing to a higher understanding of it. Carry with you an atmosphere of Truth. Suppose that many are incredulous, and disposed to sneer at your report, what of that? Many are not all; and there will be some who will catch the strain and join in thanksgiving.

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