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Hurricane Watch

by Joanne from FL

Handle the belief of hurricane season. The times and seasons belong to God, and are the eternal unfoldment of good. No mortal mind history. Error is mindless and powerless to repeat itself; cannot move around nor relocate. It can only move off.

This is the Word of God — Immanuel — God with us.

There is only one Mind, God, good. No other so-called mortal mind to cause or predict destruction or pressure — atmospheric or otherwise — to hypnotize or excite anyone into believing there is a power apart from God. Cast it out, and “gather yourself up in Love’s omnipotence.” (Bicknell Young, Relapse, Reversal, Rebound) Love owns the atmosphere — is the very atmosphere — is all power and presence. In atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move and breathe. “Mortal mind cannot form an atmosphere.” (WPA, page 165)

“The heavens declare the glory of Him that made all things.” (Hymn 329) That “glory” is divine Love, never raging or furious, but forever majestic, serene, and beneficent. The only driving force is Love; its path is health, harmony, and safety, and is never destructive. The only path is God’s path, a “loving pathway up to the throne of glory.” (S&H)

Love is All-in-all, governs all. Divine Love governs the weather, and no one and nothing else does. Divine Love holds the wind in its fists, provides gentle refreshing rains, that soothe and calm any mortal mind turbulence, fear, depression, or disturbance. The elements are in Love’s hands. Love, Love alone is power.

Wind. The might of omnipotence and the movements of God’s spiritual government encompassing all things.” (S&H) Never destructive, angry, nor drive by passion.

Handle the belief of storm surge. “The floodtides of Life, Truth, and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness, uplifting, purifying, nourishing, healing, elevating, sustaining and energizing mankind.” (WPA, page 90) “Beneath, around, about, above, surrounding, are the healing currents of Truth and Love.” (WPA, page 169)

Just as Christ Jesus cast the demons into the swine that ran into the sea, so now this Christ Truth casts this hurricane cone out into the ocean, out of harm’s way.

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